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This Design Guideline will present and describe the DIGIMIC lean+ product configurator with all of its features and functions to you.

The configurator is divided into four module ranges:

  • Conference modules
  • Media modules
  • Frames
  • Results


The layout of the configurator is divided into two sections. The upper section is the 'toolbar' in which the individual conference and media modules or keystones are found. These are arranged vertically and navigation is carried out by means of a scrollbar. The 'configuration view' is found in the lower section of the configurator. You can configure your conference unit as you desire in the workspace. 'Previous' and 'Next' are used to navigate between the individual configuration pages.

The modules

The modules in this configurator have a 'favourite selection' and a 'variant selection' function

Favourite selection

A module can be selected by clicking on the star. A second view window with the selected modules and keystones will open to the right of the open toolbar.

The variant selection method

In the variant selection you can not only change colours but also select individual modules and keystones and also learn about their corresponding specifications in addition.

Module selection

To create a custom configuration for your conference unit, select a desired module and add it to the desired position using drag and drop or a double-click. Modules can be dragged into empty and populated positions. Modules can also be exchanged with one another.

Removing a module

To remove a module, drag it out of the profile. A 'module frame' to which a new module can be added will now be displayed in this position in the profile.

Shortening the profile width

To shorten the profile, drag a module frame out of the profile. The conference unit with be shortened by one module unit.

Selecting keystones

The keystones follow the same rules and functions as the modules. Keystones also require carriers and must be integrated into them. You can select between two carrier types: a carrier for a data socket with keystone mounting and a carrier for two data sockets with keystone mounting.

For your information

At the end of the configuration you have the option (after registration) to generate a code to save the configuration. This code can be entered on the start page of the configurator to call up already configured conference units again. Another option on the last page allows the configurations to be exported as a PDF.